SEL's summer festival in Seinäjoki on August 17, 2024


SEL's summer festivals are coming, louder than ever! Portion Boys perform at festivals! Book a free festival ticket for yourself and your friend now.

SEL's summer festivals Saturday 17 August 2024 Original Sokos Hotel Lakeus, Seinäjoki

Pedersöre Livsmedelsarbetares Fackavdelning r.f 006 supports participation in festivals by paying for the members' train tickets to Seinäjoki, case-specific support can also be obtained for car costs, (poor transport connections or group carpooling) ask Jarkko about this.


In addition to this, we also support members' dinners (4 x 6 € meal vouchers), which can be used to buy food on the festival grounds. You will receive the meal tickets on the spot.


You pay for any accommodation yourself.

Registration for this summer's festivals has begun in full swing, now you must take care of registration, accommodation booking etc. as soon as possible.

Registration and possible accommodation booking

SEL:n kesäfestarit 2024 (

 SEL:n kesäfestarit Seinäjoella 17.8.2024 (

Train ticket order no later than 30.6 or any inquiries about festivals, from Jarkko Siltala via message on 050 5304642, or via email